We help enterprises adopt a startup-first business strategy into their operations culture

Now is the time for us

StartupBoomer mission is to be useful for startups and enterprises everywhere.

This rings true now more than ever, as we work to address the impact of COVID-19. Our unique role as a platform and services provider allows us to connect the dots, bring together an ecosystem of startup partners, and enable millions of business enterprises of all sizes to build the digital capability required to address these challenges. 

Right now, we're working with many customers on the front lines, including governments, financial and healthcare companies, manufacturers, energy & utility service providers, retailers, and other commercial customers critical to the continuity of services in every country.     

We can't wait to see you back in action

We know many startups and enterprises have been hit especially hard by the Covid-19 pandemic, very possibly including you. To support our startup partners and enterprise customers during this challenging time, we’re waiving 50 percent of consulting service fees for all sales on the platform, and rallying customers to evaluate the startups they trust can solve their business problems! 

We are also waiving 50 percent of referral fee on sales to directly support our startup partners, until 31st March 2021. Still, we consider this just a starting point. We will continue to do the right thing for you, during this crisis and beyond.   

In startup we trust   

How many customers we can serve today. How many startups we can help today. How many consulting jobs we can create today. Motto of the day! 

In that direction, we are leading the following initiatives: 

  1. StartupBoomer Pro: It's a flexi-term consultancy plan ($5000 a month), which includes all the startups on the platform. A consultant will assess your business case and assist you on startup evaluation, to contract signing. Note: All startups may not be offering services in your country.     
  2. StartupBoomer Ventures: To support our startup partners with their funding needs for core functions. We are doing tie-ups with venture capital firms to accelerate their growth trajectory.      
  3. StartupBoomer Labs: We endeavor to unlock new scientific discoveries and inventions in collaboration with nascent R&D startups, and our team of eminent scientists and researchers.   

      Where next-gen startups meet global customers  

      We invite startup companies to showcase their digital/ technology/ industry solutions, case studies and success stories on StartupBoomer platform and connect with over a million business enterprises from diverse industries, across Americas, Europe, Asia-Pacific and Middle East. 

      Please send us the following details to showcase your startup.      

      1. Your startup company profile, preferably a video url, case studies, customer success stories, or any other material that best represents your product / business.   
      2. Share insights about your industry and key accounts, we have a network of consulting partners who help us to win deals in top enterprises.    
      3. Contact details of the authorized person for all discussions related to demos, client meetings and contract signing.   

      How we help startups get 10X customers  

      We owe our success to the seasoned consulting partners, including C-level executives, industry veterans and senior officials. They navigate through the organizations matrix, and help us to win strategic large deals for our startup partners with customers investing in cutting-edge technology, digitization and industrial automation solutions.                            

        Become a startup advisor   

        StartupBoomer is a cadre of startup advisors worldwide who apply their professional abilities and skills, and often-scant spare time — to endorse next-gen startups to enterprises in their country on voluntary, as well as referral fee basis (up to 15% of deal value) for successfully completed contracts.         

        If you've customers who trust and value you recommendations and would be interested in our startup partners products and solutions. We will be glad to hear from you. This is an entrepreneurial opportunity to own and put your name on something truly special.