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StartupBoomer, mission is to organize the world‘s next-gen startups and make them accessible to SMEs across industries and geographies. 

To achieve this objective, we are engaging country partners across all major cities in United States, United Kingdom, Israel, India, Germany, France, Italy, Russia, Canada, Japan, China, Singapore, China, Switzerland, Australia etc.

The responsibility of the Country Partner is to drive growth across the four business portfolio's (mentioned below), by building relationships with native Startups and SMEs.

1. Startups for Services SMEs - Focus on Banking, Finance, Insurance, Retail, Consumer Goods, Telecom, Media, High-Tech, Logistics, Healthcare, Aviation verticals.

2. Startups for Industrial SMEs - Focus on Oil & Gas, Energy & Utilities, Manufacturing, Automobile, Engineering, Defense, Pharmaceuticals, Mining, Infrastructure verticals.

3. Startups for Sustainability SMEs - Focus on Agriculture, Environment, Renewable Energy, Urban Planning, Green Building, Pollution, Water Utilities, Waste Management, Recycling verticals.

4. Startups for Angel & VC Funding - Focus on bringing together next-gen startups and investors around the world.

This is an independent role, involving performance-based Incentives. We shall consider ESOP plan for meritorious Country Partners, depends on the achievement of our company's business goals.

To prove your mettle, feel free to take the #100StartupSMEChallenge. Basically, in 100 days, help a native startup to solve a SME problem through StartupBoomer.

It this work is something that inspires and excites you? And you see value in putting your time and efforts to lead this mssion in your country, please take the leap of faith, and get in touch with us at

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